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How to Get $10,000 in grant money from Google with Chad Hugghins
May 18, 2017 That Church Conference, LLC
Welcome in to That Church Podcast where we help Digital Communicators Tell The Best Story The Church Has To Tell. In today’s episode we’re joined by Chad Hugghins is the Marketing and Content Manager at CV North America. He loves connecting churches to Seekers through CV Outreach. His BFA in Theater and time spent as an out of work actor in Hollywood doesn't serve him in anyway in his current career, but he has some fun stories. We actually broke up our time with Chad into 2 podcasts. Today we let Chad take us in the weeds a bit about Google Adwords and how your church can get $10,000 a grant money from Google. Then next week, check back in as we delve into Facebook Ads in a way that you’ve probably never heard of. One way to make sure you don't’ miss next week’s episode or any of our future episodes is to Subscribe to our podcast on iTunes. So, if you haven’t done that already, hit pause, and we’ll wait on you to go and do that. By the way, it doesn’t cost you anything to Subscribe and you stay up to date on all of our future episodes. Speaking of things that are free... We at That Church Conference have some pretty big news. At least we think it’s big news. Through partnerships with Tithly, ChurchInk and Design Pickle we are hosting an absolutely FREE online conference called That Church Summit. It’s a two day online event on July 25th & 26th. You can go to for all the info. We just announced this last week and already over 400 of you have signed up! That’s crazy. Right now we have 10 speakers lined up and we’re hoping to add a couple of more. Speakers from North Point Church, Saddleback, Liquid Church just to name a few. And man! This content though. Really quickly, I’m going to give you the topics that we are going to be covering during the this free online event: How to Tell a Good Story on Social Media Leveraging the Power of Photography Why Email Marketing Is Still Relevant & How Your Church Should Be Using It The ABC’s of Church Communications Making Time for the Most Important Projects Developing Your Weekly Rhythm Entrepreneurial Mindset in the Church How Smaller Churches Can Leverage Digital & Social Media Engaging People Where They Are Cultivating Sustainable Faith in a Digital World Plus a couple of more topics to be announced later. Did I mention all this is free? We’ll be talking about this more in the coming weeks but you can check out all the details at Well let’s jump into our conversation with Chad Hugghins. Chad and his organization, CV Outreach, have done way more than most of us to spread the Gospel digitally. As I mentioned earlier, he dropped so much knowledge that we had to split up his time over two podcast episodes. Today we take a deep dive into the Google Ad Words platform. Specifically, the $10,000 grant that Google gives to nonprofits and how CV Outreach will literally do most all of the work for you. So sit up, don’t relax and learn from our time with Chad Hugghins.
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