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No Excuses to Starting an Online Church with Steve Fogg
February 02, 2017 That Church Conference, LLC
Welcome in to That Church Podcast where we help Digital Communicators Tell The Best Story The Church Has To Tell. Today’s episode if with our friend Steve Fogg. Steve launched a Church Online in Australia that grew to Megachurch size in a country that you wouldn’t think could happen. Him recounting how that happened will be such an encouragement to all of us in the trenches that are trying to grow your online presence. Before we jump into that conversation, just a reminder to Be sure and check out our Chicago Workshop, April 25th Well, again our guest today is Steve Fogg has over 20 years of hard earned experience in the creative industry as a designer, creative director and design business owner and until recently lead the communications team at Crossway church in Melbourne Australia. Our time with Steve is so great. He covers the timeline of events that led to launching Crossway Church Online. And for those that are hesitant to get a new project started because another church inspired Steve gonna hit you right in your pain points. So, sit up, don’t relax and learn from our conversation with Steve Fogg. SHOW NOTES #cmschat Twitter Chat - Thursdays at 9pm EST Crossway Church - Life Church - Quote - “What are you waiting for? Just start.” - Nils Smith @stevefogg Launch Your Church Online -
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