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Sunday to Sunday
Part 1: Facebook Advertising with Andrew Riis and Richy Hirtle
January 05, 2017 That Church Conference, LLC
Happy New Year! Welcome back to our first podcast of 2017. So excited about all the guests that we’re bringing you to start off this new year. We think the list is pretty impressive... Seth Muse Jacek Obolewicz Rob Laughter Ben Stapley Travis Walser Ryan Bilello Mark Weaver Steve Fogg Alec Tod and so many more. Atlanta Conference- Sept 26 and 27 San Diego Workshop January 17th Chicago - April 25th Soul City Church Nashville - July 14th at Cross Point Church This episode is all about Facebook Ad Marketing. What are ads? Should I pay to Boost a Facebook Page post? We’ve brought on Andrew Riis and Richy Hirtle from Reach Out Marketing. This is the first of a two part podcast, because the content was just so rich and so deep we wanted to make sure our listeners got as much value as possible from these episodes. Listen closely near the end of this episode for how your church can have Andrew and Richy create a Facebook Ad for free.
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